Impact of Changes

Impact of Changes – Environmental Monitoring & Technology

The new qualifications include clear environmental science and technology coverage and will enable environmental officers, compliance officers, technicians and field officers to measure and address enterprise impacts on air, water and other external environmental conditions. Other inclusions are implementation of legislation, development and implementation of policy as well as reporting requirements and development of strategic operational plans and procedures. There are three Environmental Monitoring and Technology qualifications each targeting a different level of focus within an organisation.

The new qualifications will address the skilling needs of technicians and paraprofessionals who:
collect, analyse and report environmental data
contribute to the assessment of environmental risks and impacts
develop and/or implement policies, management plans and strategies, and work practices associated with sustainable development, environmental management, waste management, pollution control, rehabilitation and restoration of sites, and catchment areas and regions
install, operate, and maintain new ‘sustainable’ technologies
monitor and report environmental/sustainability performance and compliance
improve the knowledge and skills of workers and community members about environmental management and sustainability.

MSS40211 Certificate IV in Environmental Monitoring and Technology
This qualification recognises that some industry sectors employ environmental assistants and technicians who have broad technical knowledge and skills in the area of environmental sampling and testing and some understanding of the industry processes and/or ecosystems that they are working with. These personnel do not have the more substantial knowledge of environmental monitoring; complex instrumentation; data analysis; environmental impacts and the strategies for minimising these impacts and remediation/rehabilitation of sites, that is provided by the MSS50211 Diploma of Environmental Monitoring and Technology for environmental officers.

MSS50211 Diploma in Environmental Monitoring and Technology
This qualification is typically used to prepare new employees or develop the skills of existing workers performing an environmental officer role in most industry sectors. The roles include environmental officers, environmental protection officers, environmental compliance officers, environmental technicians and similar personnel employed by enterprises and Commonwealth, state/territory/local governments. Employees of enterprises are more likely to be involved with environmental monitoring, technology, internal auditing and continuous improvements to enhance compliance and minimise the environmental impacts of processes. Government employees may be involved with inspection/auditing of enterprises and negotiating appropriate responses to instances of non-compliance. Environmental officers often work with environmental scientists, engineers, planners and community groups to manage and conserve natural systems and resources, minimise pollution, remediate/rehabilitate sites and trial practical strategies to protect and improve ecosystems.

MSS70211 Vocational Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management
This qualification applies to environmental site coordinators, environmental managers and senior environmental officers who oversee environmental monitoring and management activities at a site or for a significant environmental management program or project. The qualification covers the skills and knowledge required by technical specialists who already have a relevant higher education or vocational qualification, or have extensive vocational experience without formal qualifications and require the competence to coordinate environmental monitoring and management activities at a site or for a significant environmental management program or project.